Welcome to All Things Amish, your source for all things handmade. Skilled Amish crafters of Wisconsin make our products. We’re dedicated to giving you quality Amish products straight to your doorstep. From table sets to board games, we focus on unique items that are handmade right here in the USA.

Founded in early March of 2021, AllThingsAmish.net has come a long way from its beginnings. It all started with Mark Weibel and his connection with the Amish community in Wisconsin.

Mark is the CEO of Meridian Marketing Services in La Crosse, WI. Meridian is a large format printer and marketing services company that designs and prints custom displays and signage for any business or event. We have worked with, and supplied, design and print services to the Amish community of Western Wisconsin for over 20 years.

As time went on, more Amish became interested in reaching a wider audience in which to sell their products. One day, after a long conversation with an Amish client, we decided to build a website and represent the handmade elegances right here before us... and so All Things Amish began.

We travel around Western Wisconsin, visiting different Amish communities and businesses. Our goal is to find the best products for you and your families to appreciate. Uniqueness is what we strive for and hopefully what you will experience on our site. Enjoy.

Amish Toys, Amish Dolls, Amish Games, Amish Board Games, Amish Wooden Bowls, Amish Baskets, Amish Collapsible Baskets, Amish Cedar Chests, Amish Dining Room sets, Amish Dining Room Furniture, Amish Greeting Cards, Amish Coloring Books, Amish Coat Racks, Amish Folding Tables, Amish Rugs, Amish Baby Blankets, Amish Watches, Amish Light Fixtures, Amish Bowls, Amish Chairs, Amish Bedroom Sets, Amish Casings, Amish Baseboards, Amish Hand Rails, Amish Stair Rails, Amish Baby Blankets, Amish Pot Holders, Amish Soaps, Amish Lazy Susan, Amish Cutting Boards, Amish Table Lamps, Amish Floor Lamps, Amish Deer Plaques, Amish Burp Cloths, and Amish Wood Trim are items you will see here. All items authentic and handmade by the Western Wisconsin Amish Community.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Mark Weibel, CEO 

Meridian Marketing
1026 19th Street South
La Crosse, WI 54601